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What isAndroidTools.de?
AndroidTools.de is a non profit  and purely  private homepage currently run by Torsten Röhl. I write the programs for my own purpose and decided  to publish them so that other people can participate.

The main goals of AndroidTools.de are:

  • To offer little tools (Android software) that might be useful
  • Providing the software for free so that anybody can use it
  • Providing the sourcecode for free so that any developer can  use and/or modify  it under the terms of the GPL


AndroidTools.de uses the GPL (GNU  General Public License).


In addition

AndroidTools.de  also provides Android & Art. Android & Art  offers funny Android pictures usable for everyone. Thanks to Kate Larson.

Thank You!

...because openSuse  runs on my machine and for android programing I use java within  the eclipse development environment.  Thank you also to Joomla for making homepages easy to create  (Joomla use MySql and PHP). Thank you to phoca  for providing   the webtemplate.  For icon creation I used gimp.

And anybody who works as an opensource developer knows that this list should be longer - but then I have no time for android programing anymore :-)